EfficiencyEfficiency Through Design

Smooth and efficient harvest up to 9 trees per minute. (Contact your Sales Representative for details)

Superior shaking with a grounded shaker head allows continuous harvesting.

Easy operation thanks to the automated tree sensing and shaking system.

Unique one-piece machine makes for faster turns, less fruit lost, and easier movement around the field.

Increased harvesting time between unloads due to twin nut storage hoppers, one mounted to each side of the harvester.

Unload the hopper without stopping the harvester.

Comfortable operator station with and ergonomic design, air conditioning, suspension seat, cup holders, and rearview camera.

Harvest day or night with confidence and comfort.

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Cost SavingCost Saving Features

3 harvest operations with only 1 person and 1 machine.

Improved productivity through nonstop harvesting.

Harvest with less machines and less passes compared to conventional practices.

Improved fuel efficiency per harvested acre completing the shaking, sweeping, and pick-up operations with a single engine.

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QualityImproved Nut Quality

Exceeding current food safety standards for the nut industry with superior shaking, catching, and cleaning systems.

Leaf cleaning fans eliminate leaves and other debris from the nut material.

Fallen branches removed and discharged infield by the Stick Rake System. (only available on Continuous Unloading Hopper models).

Pre-cleaning system removes foreign material improving delivered product quality (contact your sales representative for more details).

Shaker frequency optimized by the proprietary grounding leg system, better vibration with less force preventing damage to next year’s buds.